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Digital payment solutions for individuals & business, from the world-leading payments solutions provider.

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EgeoPay offers individuals access to simple, rich & futuristic digital financial services.


EgeoPay Payment gateway services for large & small businesses is all what you need to manage your payments.


PaySky provides rich libraries, plugins, code samples, SDKs & APIs for developers to help them build seamless payment experiences.

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Online E-Payment

All In ONE ePayment & eCommerce transactions solution in one modern electronic payment apps for your secure online commerce & payment

Online Business & eCommerce

Get your free online store for e-commerce with modern features linked to your website and apps or online payment wallet.

Create your Store

Start your eCommerce by creating online store that showcases your products. Choose from a variety of categories and list your business.

EgeoPay Apps

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Manage all the business transactions on your palm by having your own Account. It’s time for your business to join the payment revolution. Our e-wallet solution is flexible and reliable for all your business needs.

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